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Nail Services

Manicures, Overlays, Extensions, Removals, Repairs, Strengthening, Art.


Nails filed into shape / evened out, cuticles prepped, dead skin removed. Your choice of either a clear coat of polish, gel top coat, or correction gel layer is applied before Dadi oil treatment.


A great option for those wanting general nail improvement, the best results are achieved with regular appointments at 2-4 weekly intervals, depending on the condition of your natural nails and lifestyle.

Mini Manicure

30 mins  |  $45.00

Nail Product Removal Before New Set

A gel polish manicure includes your nails shaped, and prepped, and your choice of gel polish from our huge selection of colours applied to your natural nails between a high-quality base and top coat. You can add nail art or French finish at an additional cost, just make sure to book your appointment including your chosen add-ons to ensure we have enough time.

Gel Polish Manicure

Use the second option - with removal - for your regular gel polish mani that includes having your old gel polish removed first.

Gel Polish Removal

Builder Gel Overlay Manicure

A builder gel overlay uses our favorite builder gel to create an apex on the natural nails, giving them more strength, durability, and shape than a plain gel polish on its own. It is the better choice for thinner nails, those who are busy with their hands and who's nails take alot of impact, and for those who find a straight gel polish doesn't usually last longer than a few days due to chipping. Having this overlay applied to your nails underneath your gel polish will give you on average 3 weeks between maintenance appointments, and will keep your nails looking fresher, for longer. Not only that, but it gives that same glam look as traditional acrylics or artificial nail extensions. Most people who start their nail journey with gel tip extensions will end up with a builder gel overlay as their nail maintenance, since their nails grow out lovely and long underneath when they are looked after.

Gel Polish Removal

20 mins  |  $15.00

Other (Hard Gel, Acrylic etc.)

30 mins  |  $25.00

Gel Polish Manicure

60 mins  |  $60.00

Removal + New Set

80 mins  |  $70.00


20 mins  |  $30.00

With Gel Polish Set

60 mins  |  $70.00

Strengthening Layer

15 mins  |  $15.00

Full Removal

30 mins  |  $55.00

New Set: Short - Medium

75 mins  |  $80.00

Rebalance: Short - Medium

75 mins  |  $85.00

New Set: Medium - Long

90 mins  |  $90.00

Rebalance: Medium - Long

90 mins  |  $95.00

Removal with Fresh Set

135 mins  |  $105.00

IBX System

IBX is a revolutionary nail strengthening system that is applied to natural nails either on their own or used in conjunction with nail enhancement service. It is used to help repair damaged nails, stop peeling nails, and strengthen thin, bendy nails from the inside out.

Ongoing IBX Treatment

05 mins  |  $5.00

IBX System

10 mins  |  $15.00

Strengthening Gel Layer (Flex Base)

Add this layer of correction gel to your gel manicure / overlays for extra strength. Can help reduce chipping and keep nails intact for longer. Recommended for thinner, more bendy or ridged nails.

Added to Gel Polish Service

10 mins  |  $15.00

Full Manicure

45 mins  |  $75.00

Nail Repair

A short appointment for any nail repairs such as a broken extension, chipped/fallen off gel, etc (If this happens within the first 48 hours of the initial appointment please get in touch with us ASAP and it will be free of charge) $15 minimum charge for a single nail. When booking please send us a message/phone to let us know how many nails need repairing so that we can adjust the time.

Nail Repair

30 mins  |  $15.00

Gel Tip Extensions

Gel tip extensions are a great alternative to acrylic nails (which we no longer offer) - quicker, no odor, sealed on using our fave strong gel product (Evo gel) - great as a one-off for special occasions, but they can also be backfilled/rebalanced for ongoing maintained nails.


Is a great way to grow your own nails out, which can then be maintained with an Evo gel overlay if that extra strength is needed to keep them strong and in shape. See our Evo gel overlay service for more info on that.


Please note- we recommend having an appropriate length to suit your natural nails and lifestyle, to reduce the risk of breakage, and to keep your nails in top condition underneath. We will give you tips during your appointment to help you maintain them.

Strengthening Layer

15 mins  |  $15.00

Gel Tip Extensions

90 mins  |  $90.00

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