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Cosmetic Tattoing

Machine Tattoo Eyebrow, Lash line and Lip Enhancements


During a 15-minute consultation we can answer any questions you might have, but please check all of our online information as this may answer any questions you might have regarding cosmetic tattoos.

Quick Consultation

15 mins  |  FREE

This consult includes having your Brows shaped and drawn on by Dani or Casey (your cosmetic tattoo artist) to gain an idea of what we could achieve for your cosmetic tattoo. We will also supply you with your skin sensitivity / allergy test by placing small amounts of pigment and numbing cream on your skin. Please read our supplied info prior to booking your consultation to ensure full understanding surrounding your treatment is achieved. We cannot perform tattoos on anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, prone to keloid scarring, or on certain medications.

Full Consultation

30 mins  |  $40.00

Different from just the consult as the brows will be fully mapped the same as for the tattoo process. This includes a brow shape with wax/tweezers (no tint).

Brow Map With Consultation

45 mins  |  $65.00

Brow Tattoo (Ombre / Powderfill)

Ombre / Powderfill refers to the look of the brow, meaining it may fade into lighter areas and appear softer in finish, similar to powder makeup, for a more natural, wearable finish.

First Session

135 mins  |  $549.00

Eyebrow Retouch

Except for special circumstances, if it has been longer than 8 weeks, your retouch fee goes up to $150. If left longer than 12 weeks, $200.

Brow Tattoo Retouch (4-8 Weeks)

75 mins  |  $100.00

Can only be booked if your tattoo was 4 months or less, if your skin needs the extra session to achieve the desired result- otherwise the annual re-touch needs to be booked.

Extra Retouch

60 mins  |  $100.00

Annual Brow Retouch

105 mins  |  $249.00

Eyeliner / Lashline Enhancement

We specialise in eyeliner enhancements that are placed close to the lash line, are more natural looking. Please note- we do not tattoo winged eyeliner looks. We can recommend other artists for you if you feel this is more what you are wanting.


TO SAVE MONEY- use the ADD-ON options to add any eyeliner / lashline enhancement treatment to your brow / lip tattoo at a big discounted rate!

Retouch (6-8 Weeks)

60 mins  |  $100.00

Add On: Upper or Lower 

45 mins  |  $149.00

Retouch (8-12 Weeks)

75 mins  |  $150.00

Add On: Upper and Lower

60 mins  |  $249.00

Add On: Upper or Lower Eyeliner

60 mins  |  $249.00

Add On: Upper and Lower Eyeliner

90 mins  |  $399.00

Lip Liner

Put back some lost definition and colour to the border of your lips. Price is for the one service, the retouch within 8 weeks of your first treatment incurs a cost of $100.

Retouch (4-8 Weeks)

60 mins  |  $100.00

Retouch (8-12 Weeks)

60 mins  |  $150.00

Limited Time Special Price

90 mins  |  $199.00

(Usually $299.00)

Full Lip Colour / Lip Blush

Improve the look of your lips with a lip blush / full lip colour enhancement. Retouch within 8 weeks of your first treatment costs $100, and between 8-12 weeks is $150

Retouch (4-8 Weeks)

105 mins  |  $100.00

Retouch (8-12 Weeks)

105 mins  |  $150.00

Limited Time Special Price

150 mins  |  $399.00

(Usually $549.00)

Brows & Lip Blush Combo

Save money by pairing these two popular treatments together! Give yourself the gift of time and inner confidence by having the perfect set of natural looking brows on your face without having to apply any makeup, and similarly give your face a lift with some natural lip definition and colour due to the technique of having lip blush applied. Please read more information on our website in regards to our cosmetic tattoo services, to make sure there aren't any reasons you cannot have this treatment done (due to medications, conditions etc). We will need to have a phone or in person phone consultation before going ahead with your treatment, but feel free to book in this first session to secure a time slot. Please get in touch as there can be other times available that aren't showing.

First Session

525 mins  |  $849.00

To be booked for 5-8 weeks after your first session.​​

Second Session (Retouch)

150 mins  |  $199.00

Full PMU Package - Brows, Eyeliner + Lips

Customised results to have you looking naturally at your best with minimal effort! Save big time by having all these essentials done in one session, and returning 6-8 weeks later for your retouch. Total package worth $1646, for $1098 (including retouch!) Must have consultation first. Available on Mondays and Fridays at 9.30am by appointment, retouch available Mon - Fri by appt. Patch test is required, we can post this to you if you are travelling from out of town.

6 - 8 Weeks Retouch

240 mins  |  $199.00

Full PMU Package - Brows, Eyeliner + Lips

300 mins  |  $899.00

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