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Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Using 100% genuine plasma (PLAXPOT & PLAMERE) technology! Prices vary accordingly based on the size of area to be treated, consultation is necessary.


"Fibroblast" or "Plasma" treatments also known as skin tightening, is a revolutionary treatment that targets loose, saggy skin, giving you visible instant results that last! By using our specialised PLAMERE tool to create a reaction on the skin that "pulls", when applied in a specific pattern it draws the skin, firming and tightening it in the process.


As the treated area heals over time, new skin is produced, improving the already good result even further. "Fibroblasts" are the parts of cells that are responsible for producing collagen, increasing elasticity and improving the quality of skin.


What makes this treatment so amazing is that there is no surgery, no invasive products, a small period of healing time and the results speak for themselves.

Fibro Consultation

30 mins  |  FREE

Face Area

Frown Lines

60 mins  |  $299.00

Eyelids Only

120 mins  |  $399.00

Eyelids + Brow Lift

60 mins  |  $599.00

Under Eyebags / Wrinkles

120 mins  |  $399.00

Neck and Double Chin / Jaw

210 mins  |  $1499.00

Forehead Lines

150 mins  |  $699.00

Nasal Labial Folds

150 mins  |  $599.00

Double Chin / Jaw

180 mins  |  $799.00


210 mins  |  $999.00

Crows Feet

Please note, prices are indicative of a starting point depending on the are worked on. A full consult is needed to determine how much work would be needed to achieve optimal results for you.

Smaller Area

90 mins  |  $399.00

Large Area

120 mins  |  $499.00

Fibroblasting - Lower Body Area

Please note this can vary greatly in price depending on the area to be treated.


300 mins  |  From $1999.00

Skin Tag Removal

Using effective topical numbing cream before we treat, we can remove unwanted skin tags using plasma technology. Quick, painless and clean healing for nice, smooth, healed results. Price dependant on amount to be removed, starting at $89 for 30 min session (including numbing time.)

Skin Tag Removal

30 mins  |  $89.00

Skin Tag Removal

45 mins  |  $119.00

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